Thursday, January 15, 2009

Goodbye, Mr. President, May God Bless You

During the election cycle I had the ominous feeling that Barack Obama would be our next president. As the returns came in that Tuesday night, I was braced for that outcome and thankfully felt peace knowing that the Lord is ultimately in control. Since that time I've prayed many times for the success of our new president, and truly hope he has an easier term(s) than President Bush has had.

Over the past few days though, I've become somewhat melancholy as the current president nears the end of his time of governing. I've realized that for the past eight years I've been able to cast most of my concerns regarding our nation aside knowing that the man at The White House was a godly man, full of integrity and honor. I felt confident while he has been at the helm.

That same feeling of security is quickly departing as 12:00 PM, January 20, 2009 approaches. I still trust solidly that the Lord is in control, and that a king's heart is in the Lord's hand, but as this new administration readies to take the helm, I know the man that will inhabit the Oval Office does not share the same values that I do. I'm not certain that he will do all that's necessary to protect our nation from aggression and attack. I know he will seek to unravel many of the gains that pro life conservatives have seen set in place during Mr. Bush's tenure. I suspect that many of his answers to our economic problems will have very long term costly consequences. I suspect that his term(s) will have a lasting impact on the social issues of our nation, and not for the better.

I realize that President George W. Bush has been a controversial and unpopular president. There have been a few items I've disagreed with him on, but I've consistently been thankful that our God allowed him to be in that place during these past eight years. I've been thankful to know that a man of principle, purpose and integrity was our leader for this time. As President Bush retires to Texas, I hope for a happy retirement for him. I pray that God will continually encourage him, and I hope his supporters will continually thank him for his faithful and unwavering service to our nation during some of the most tumultuous times we may ever see.

And I pray that President-elect Obama will prove to be a good leader, a faithful watchmen for our security. May God lead him through each issue and decision.

I truly hope for a continued future rich in the blessings of God for our beloved nation.