Tuesday, February 26, 2008

Engagement Pics

Being the wonderful, charming, sensitive, romantic, and thoughtful gent that I am (yeah right!), I had set up an appointment for engagement pictures before I asked Lydia to marry me. That was one of those easy things to cancel if she said no! ;-)

So, the Saturday after Valentine's Day, we went down to the local portrait studio and had a few shots made. It was quite the fun! Not really. For those who do know me, know that I don't care too much for having photos taken of me, and I really don't like some of the crazy poses they want you to do.

The poor lady was at a loss of what to do - determined that she needed 6 different poses. Me, being the guy I am, thought one was sufficient. But I gave in and she got the needed shots. Just not the crazy ones she wanted!

Lydia gently prodded me to be patient, and so the photos were taken, and came out great. Of course, Lydia is so beautiful that she compensates for my looks!


jsarber said...

That's funny. I have a question for you though. Did you get up the morning after she said "yes," slide into the kitchen in your socks, pour Tabasco onto your eggs, and say, "Burn baby burn"?

Chris Crouse said...

LOL, didn't know I could remind someone of John Gustafson! Though that is one of my favorite movies and your reference to it CRACKS me up!!! :)

And no, I didn't quite do that - but I was rather excited, and I still am!

Amanda said...

Chris, you look SOOO happy! I love it!

Elizabeth said...

The pictures look so great!

Dani said...

I like the last picture best!

AngelPaisley said...

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