Wednesday, April 2, 2008

Busy as a - no time to figure it out...

I know, I know – it has been over a month since my last post, but in my defense, I’ve been BUSY! Between work (long hours lately), church, caring for Grandma, studying for sermons, household chores, me time, and trying to spend every moment I can with Lydia – I haven’t had time, or inclination to add a post to the blog. It was either that, or pay bills – I like electricity, so the bills won over the blog.

There’s been a little to occur over this past month, and more to occur in the months to come. I was blessed to be able to attend Elder Jeremy Sarber’s ordination, which was a real joy. On Friday night Elder Garry Hall preached a good sermon on “Thanksgiving.” On Saturday AM, the ordination took place and went very well. It began with Jeremy preaching to us, then with his interrogation. He did a splendid job asking the MANY questions! I was thinking during the interrogation – wow, so glad I only had 5 questions! That afternoon I preached on the subject of “Considering,” and Elder Hall preached a masterpiece of a sermon on the healing of the leper in Mark 1. Absolutely one of the best sermons I’ve heard in quite some time.

On Sunday I had an appointment to preach at Fort Wayne Church. They are currently praying for and seeking a new pastor. They are a delightful congregation and I trust that God will soon grant their request.

The rest of this month is quite crazy – this Friday we have a church to view for the wedding, Saturday a church meeting a couple hours north, then church here Sunday. The next week is the 50th anniversary and vow renewal ceremony of the Ratliff’s here at our church. Then the following week I travel to Virginia for a meeting, then a weekend off, then to Texas for my sister’s wedding. Then it should calm down for a couple weeks until the Summer Rush!

The current task to overcome is a huge workload here at the office. We’ve been hit with a ton of unexpected problems, thus tons of unexpected work, thus tons of unexpected overtime coming up. Oh well, that will help to pay those unexpected bills that always seem to come at the most unexpected moment, when you never have extra unexpected funds!

Anyway, back to work…that was my morning break! Hope you’re all well!


Elizabeth said...

Good to hear from you, brother. I agree, I like electricity too.

Jeremy Sarber said...

I want to thank you again for coming to preach for us and participating in the ordination. May God bless.

Dani said...

Good to know that you are both doing well, and are still alive.