Tuesday, October 7, 2008

A Wonderful Weekend

This past weekend we headed to Georgia for a wonderful weekend of worship.

On Friday, Grandma and I headed to Atlanta to spend the night with Elder Marty Smith. Our 8 1/2 hour drive was uneventful and peaceful, and we arrived to a wonderful visit and supper at Elder Smith's home. Brother Marty has been a good friend for several years and I always enjoy the opportunity to spend time with him. Additionally, he and a dear sister in our church, Sister Sandy Bryant will soon be married!

After a restful night at Elder Smith's home we headed to Danville on Saturday morning for services at Cool Springs Church. We had a wonderful song service, and I felt good liberty preaching on the Syrophonecian woman in Matthew 15. Afterwards, several went to the home of Brother Mike & Sister Marilyn Sheppard and enjoyed a wonderful meal and several hours of fellowship.

That evening I drove to Macon to meet Lydia. She had to take a test on Saturday morning so wasn't able to drive down with us, so she flew to Atlanta Saturday afternoon, then took a shuttle to Macon. It was so good to see her and have her with me! We returned to the Sheppard's home and had a good visit, and then a restful night of sleep.

On Sunday, the Lord blessed us with good services again. I spoke on Mark 4, the calming of the seas and related that story to the storms that occur in our lives, and our faith in the promises of God bearing us through them. The church was very receptive, and I felt very good liberty and comfort there. We enjoyed a good lunch and visit with the brethren, then headed back to the Sheppard home for an afternoon of rest before the evening service. During the afternoon I had the opportunity to visit with a dear brother in his home, and enjoyed a good Bible discussion with him.

Later in the evening several from the church came over for homemade ice cream that Brother Mike made, and boy was the ice cream and the fellowship good!

We then headed back to the church house for evening services and it was good to see and meet the brethren again. I spoke from Psalm 56, "What time I am afraid, I will trust in thee." The meeting closed and it was sad to depart the place. I do very much enjoy being with the folks there.

We had a wonderful meal after services with the Sheppard's, then Brother Mike and I sat up till 1 visiting, and it was a great joy.

After a good rest, Grandma, Lydia and I hit the road for the 11 hour drive back home. We arrived home safely, and now have headed back to work and school. We're all thankful for such a wonderful weekend, and the blessings of the Lord upon us.

On another note - since my last post I have resigned from the pastorate of Little Flock Church. I have served this wonderful congregation for about five years and am thankful for the time I had among them. I know this church would very much appreciate your prayers as they seek a new pastor that would be a man of integrity, and a man of the Lord's choosing.

Pray for us also as we seek the Lord's will for us and the direction He would send us.


Dani said...

Sounds like a good and busy trip. We will be praying for you as well as for the church up there.

Ms. Robin said...

Bro. Chris,
We so much enjoyed your vist with us at Cool Springs. We were very happy to meet your Grandma and your lovely bride, Lydia. Both of them are so sweet. We were very blessed to hear the Gospel so ably preached during the weekend. The Lord was surely in our presence during your visit. We are glad that all of you made the trip back home safely. We will be praying for you and your precious family. Until what time we may meet again, may our Lord and Savior bless you with every needed blessing........

With our Love,
Robin & Donnie Howell

Ms. Robin said...

I really can spell "visit".....I just proofread what I wrote, and just for the record, I do know how to spell 'visit'........(SMILE)
Maybe I will learn to hit the Preview Button next time! Ha ha

Love & Smiles,

Chris Crouse said...

Dani: Thanks for your prayers, both in our behalf and the church's.

Sister Robin: Thank you for your encouragement. It was such a wonderful blessing being with you and the folks at Cool Springs. I look forward to returning next month!!

Take good care!

Sandy-san said...

I'm glad ya'll (see, I'm starting to sound southern already!) got home safe and sound after a good trip.

If you hadn't seen it yet, Brother Chris, I am going to try to keep up with my blog again. I still won't have time to keep up with it like I would want, however, I think I owe it to my dear family and friends to keep some kind of communication going about my life with Marty in a state SO FAR AWAY from all of my loved ones. Stay tuned...

With much love...
Sister Sandy-san! =)