Sunday, September 14, 2008

Rain, Rain, Go Away...

This morning, instead of going out the door at this moment to go to church, I am sitting here in my living room, feet up on the table, deep in the comfy couch watching the remainder of Hurricane Ike drop inches of rain just out our windows.

We're having flash flooding in our area, and most of our members have water in their basements, including us. Thankfully the rain is supposed to end at noon, and if all's well, we'll have church at 6 this evening instead.

Growing up in Texas we never called off church, but since I've been in Illinois I've realized the necessity a few times. Generally it's due to snow and ice, this is a first. And it's a bit depressing, and a bit relaxing. Obviously it is EXTREMELY rare for me to be on the couch, feet up, enjoying the sound of rain on a Sunday morning, but here I sit. I just hope we can go to worship tonight!

Never thought Ike would affect us this way, nor that it would arrive in our area so quickly, but he has. I try to be given to hospitality, but this is a friend that can go away and come again another day (just not Sunday!).


jmshepp said...

Bro. Chris,

Since you are getting the natural rain now, I pray you will receive the spiritual rain tonight.


Chris Crouse said...

Brother Mike,

Thanks for your prayers in our behalf here. I hope Cool Springs is blessed tonight, and hope you had a good service wherever you were this morning. You're likewise in my prayers.

God Bless,

Dani said...

I didn't realize that the weather would make it up there to ya'll so quickly. Hope the flooding isn't too severe.

misslissa78 said...

Hey Chris, I'm so glad to hear that you've found your "someone"! Drop me a line sometime , I would love to catch upi !

Jeremy Sarber said...

We managed to get flooding from Ike all the way up here in Indiana too.

Ms. Robin said...

Bro. Chris,
This is Robin Howell.....from Cool Springs. I just found your blog. Let me jog your husband leads singing at Cool Springs.....we are the ones that have the daughter (Shannon) that just got married. Well, when we saw you, we were getting ready for the wedding. It all went well....they are back from their honeymoon, and things are thankfully getting back to normal around here. I just wanted to say "hey" and tell you that I have enjoyed reading entries from your blog.
We are looking forward to seeing you at Cool Springs.

Take care.......and may God bless you and your new "bride" with many blessings to come. We would love to meet your wife soon.

With our love and prayers,
Robin & Donnie Howell

Chris Crouse said...

Sister Robin,

It's good to hear from you, and yes, I remember you very well. I'm thankful to hear that the wedding went well (Sis. Amanda Mizell told me it was wonderful) and that everything is returning to normal.

I'm looking forward to being with Cool Springs again, I'll be down a week from tomorrow and plan to be with you on your Saturday meeting in addition to the Sunday morning and night meeting. My wife and great-grandmother will be coming with me, though my wife won't arrive until Saturday evening. So you'll get to meet her next Sunday.

I hope the Lord blesses you until then, and I hope to hear all the wedding details when we get there!

By His Grace,

~*Rachel*~ said...

I love the rain... but not when it causes flash floods of course.

Hope all is well with you and Lydia!