Monday, September 8, 2008

I know - it's been a while...

Hello Bloggers!

I'm sorry that I've been so long in writing, but as my last post said, I've been busy. Though I'm not as busy now as I was this spring. Thankfully little league is over, the wedding is past (things are going great, I LOVE married life!) and the slower time of fall/winter is approaching.

I have been traveling a lot, and enjoying my visits with the Lord's people throughout the country. I've been blessed this year to preach in Georgia, Illinois, Indiana, Missouri, North Carolina, Texas, Virginia and perhaps a couple other states that are escaping me right now. It's been a good time for me, and I hope I've been able (by God's grace and assistance) to encourage the churches.

We've had some good meetings at home here at Little Flock, too. This past June we had Elders David and Tim Montgomery preach our annual meeting. We had Elder Adam Green with us the 5th Sunday in August and that was a real blessing for us all. This November, Elder Jeremy Sarber will be with us and we look forward to his visit.

I'm really looking forward to fall, and even winter. Usually the winter is a slower time for me and I'm able to get caught up on tons of reading, correspondence and rest. And perhaps I'll get caught up on a little blogging, too!

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Dani said...

Glad you are back, ya'll've been missed!